About Us

About Us

Buying and Selling Molds

MAGAVILA PORTUGAL is a company focused on providing solutions to its customers in the area of ??mold making and injection of plastic parts.
During the many years of experience in this sector and its presence in the market, very close and very solid relationships have been created with our customers, with communication being one of our priorities.

We consider rigor and quality as the main guidelines for our growth, always focused on continuous improvement of procedures.

Mold production is our main area of ??expertise, we have all the tools necessary for the execution of any project of our customers, from product development, mold construction and even production and assembly, we can also execute other services considered

Our different types of customers allow MAGAVILA PORTUGAL to cover various technical areas of mold production and also for different target industries.

We have a team of professionals in different areas that allow us to win the trust of our customers, enabling them to carry out complete mold projects, regardless of their complexity. Our team of professionals works in several areas of Engineering, such as

Engineering, such as Product Design, Mold Drawings, Dimensional Control, Mold in Injection machines, our team is flexible and very close to the demands and requests of our customers.

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    Engineering and Product Development

    We work with our customers on complete design and development of a product, being able to execute a prototype until the final mold, this is our main area of expertise for MAGAVILA PORTUGAL..

    The development is done by us, in constant communication with the client, starting with the three-dimensional model, passing through the method and stages of production, with the most recent and modern technological resources at our disposal. The entire p


Create responses to the demands and problems of our customers with the utmost professionalism and commitment.


We seek recognition in the mold manufacturing sector for thermoplastics.


Deeply focused on the quality of projects and services, respect for the customer, constant technical evolution.


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Product development

We look for the best quality-price ratio.


Mold Making

Analysis and evaluation of the product.


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Acquisition of tested equipment.


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Sale with warranty and monitoring.